tim mcgraw brad paisley ll cool j 550 gi 11 Tim McGraw thinks Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's 'Accidental Racist' is 'a good thing'

Tim McGraw says he doesn’t “have a problem” with “Accidental Racist,” fellow country-music star Brad Paisley‘s controversial duet with LL Cool J.
A winner of three Grammy Awards and a slew of other honors, the easygoing McGraw adds to Zap2it, “I’m not in a position to have a problem with it, though. I think Brad’s a great artist, and I think he means nothing but good by everything that he does.
“I was reading a book the other day, and it said that any time — and that was capitalized and underlined — any time you try to guess what someone else is thinking, and you’re assuming what they’re thinking, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.”
With “Accidental Racist,” McGraw maintains, “I think those kinds of collaborations are good socially and good artistically. Any time you can open discussion and continue dialogue about anything that’s an exposed nerve, it’s a good thing.”
McGraw will introduce numerous other country talents — including wife Faith Hill and Taylor Swift, who famously named her first hit song for him — in the CBS special “ACM Presents: Tim McGraw’s Superstar Summer Night” Sunday, May 19.
As he gets ready to launch his summer “Two Lanes of Freedom” tour (named for his current hit album), McGraw is looking forward to the date he has at Boston’s Comcast Center on Saturday, June 29.
“Boston’s one of my favorite cities, one of my favorite places to play,” he says. ‘They’ve always been really great to me there, and I love the history and the feel of Boston. They’re good, strong, hardy people.
“You feel for them right now, as you feel for the whole country,” McGraw notes, “but you know they’re rallying around each other.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin