After “The Spoils of Babylon” premiered on IFC Thursday (Jan. 9), viewers might have been left with a number of questions about the absurdist comedy. While not all of them have answers, at least the explanation for Tim Robbins‘ funky accent as Jonas Morehouse is easily explained.

As Will Ferrell‘s Eric Jonrosh says in the show’s opening segment, Jonas Morehouse is “being played” (in the world of the series, at least) by esteemed British actor Sir Richard Driftwood in his first American role. Robbins tells Zap2it that’s why a British accent would sometimes slip into his acting.

“The thing is about this is it’s not just the fiction of it, it’s also that I’m a British actor in my first American role. I wanted to play with the idea of what it’s like to do a Texas accent and at times slip back into his British accent,” Robbins explains, after playing around with Zap2it’s camera for a minute.

As for what he found to be the funniest absurdity in the series, his answer was easy: Lady Anne, the mannequin wife of Devon Morehouse who is voiced by Carey Mulliigan.

“I love mannequin acting,” Robbins says.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz