tim tebow t mobile super bowl commercials Tim Tebow riffs on losing NFL contract in T Mobile Super Bowl ads   WatchTim Tebow‘s dream may have been to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he’s not too bummed that the dream’s over. At least, not according to his new T-Mobile Super Bowl ads.

The former New England Patriots QB has teamed up with the wireless carrier for a series of three spots set to run during the big game on Sunday (Feb. 2). The videos riff on Tebow’s failure to secure a pro contract last year as a way to highlight the limitless possibilities that come when not tied to a contract, which is T-Mobile’s new key selling point.

The spots, which will air during the second, third and fourth quarters, find Tebow in pursuit of a handful of wacky activities, like speaking at the United Nations, being a rock star, delivering babies.

T-Mobile revealed two of the three spots on Friday, with one airing during “Good Morning America,” which Tebow guest-hosted. Check out the spots below:

Posted by:Billy Nilles