tim tebow wants to leave jets rumor gi Tim Tebow wants to leave Jets and who could blame him?   reportTim Tebow has finally had it. Football’s nice guy is reportedly ready to demand he be traded or released from the New York Jets at the end of the 2012 season, and who could blame the guy?

After a final blow by Jets coach Rex Ryan, wherein he benched quarterback Mark Sanchez and skipped over Tebow for third stringer Greg McElroy, the New York Daily News reports Tim is looking to reset the Tebow Time clock in another city.

Ryan has had no good explanation all season long for why he would continue to let his team flail under Sanchez while Tebow warmed the bench. And once again, he has no good explanation for why he would play McElroy, a relative newbie, in place of Tebow, now that he finally put Sanchez where he belongs — on the bench.

Rex told reporters after announcing the questionable move, “I can answer this question a million ways — frontward, backward, sideways, anything else. It’s my decision and I based it on a gut feeling or whatever.”

Alright, that means it’s predictions time. What team will be smart enough to scoop up Tebow? Is there a coach somewhere who will actually let him play?

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