On Oct. 14, Tina Fey and the cast of “30 Rock” tempt fate with their first (and second) ever live broadcast. The episode tapes live from “Saturday Night Live’s” studio 8H, at the actual 30 Rockefeller Plaza, twice in the same evening — once for the east coast and again, three hours later, for the west coast.

Zap2it spoke with star and creator Tina Fey about how the live episode came about, big guest stars and that new book cover that has a lot of people… up in arms. (Pun!)

tina fey bossypants Tina Fey explains that book cover, talks live '30 Rock' and loving Jon Hamm“I shot it with this great, great photographer named Ruven Afanador,
and it was an idea he had that I really liked,” Fey says of the cover
of “Bossypants,” which comes out in April 2011. “It’s funny to me that
some people think it’s funny, and some people, it makes them furious. I
can’t figure out why. It’s not dirty or mean… it’s a memorable image, at the very least.”

Fey wouldn’t confirm what guest stars will actually be making the live episode, but we’re pretty much guaranteed another Jon Hamm cameo. Does that mean Dr. Drew and Liz Lemon could ever make it work? Definitely not.

“He’s very stupid,” says Fey. “Dr. Drew is very stupid. And that’s more important, right?” [Editor’s note: We respectfully disagree.]

Some of her cast members seem a bit nervous about the big show, but TV vet that she is (“I lost my leg on live TV”), Fey seems cool with or without the mistakes.

And speaking of gaffes, who can we expect any from? “Tracy [Morgan],” she says, without a moment’s pause. “Tracy’s gonna screw up.”

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Photo credit: Reagan Arthur Books, via The Awl

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell