Tina Fey says the comings and goings of late-night TV hosts are like her version of fantasy football.

“I love reading about it, I love talking about it, because I feel like I kind of know the players, but it doesn’t affect me at all,” Fey tells her former “SNL” co-star Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s (May 14) “Late Night.” The recent David Letterman-Stephen Colbert news got her thinking about the dearth of women hosting these shows, and she came up with the theory about what might help break down that barrier.

It involves wardrobe choices, and she explains it in the video above, before segueing into talking about her older daughter starting to play baseball.

Fey also talks about performing with her bestie Amy Poehler at a tribute to Don Rickles and reminisces with Meyers and “Late Night” bandleader Fred Armisen about their time on “SNL,” which you can see below.

Posted by:Rick Porter