the roloff family little people tlc 325 'Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm': 'Bing, bang, boom! We're in the wedding business!'After six seasons, nearly 250 episodes and a quartet of specials, Little People, Big World stars Matt and Amy Roloff found themselves at a personal and professional crossroads. Their four kids were growing up and preparing for life away from the family’s home and the hit TLC series they created there. The couple had just purchased land adjacent to their farm. And a major marital milestone loomed.

“Matt and I looked at each other, like, ‘What are we going to do with each other?’ ” Amy says with a chuckle. ” ‘What are we going to do?’ ” They found the answer in their new expanse of land.

“We figured we could probably grow some pumpkins and maybe do a wedding or two over there,” Matt says. “When we mentioned it to TLC at some point along the road, it all came together. Bing, bang, boom! We’re in the wedding business!”

And back on the network in their new weekly series “Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm,” now airing Tuesdays.

With the whole family pitching in, the Roloff patriarch threw himself into the new venture with the signature can-do attitude that viewers love, renovating a 120-year-old barn into a breathtaking, one-of-kind venue that is both elegant and rustic. But the most important part is the people. “Each of these weddings was very carefully chosen to have meaningful significance to our family in some way beyond having the farm available for them,” Matt says. “There are some really interesting back stories that I think viewers are going to find fascinating — about our connection to these particular brides and grooms.”

“It’s like a blending,” Amy adds. “A blending of our family and the blending of a new family just beginning.” Because family, the Roloffs agree, is what they and their show have always been about.

“At first people may have wanted to see the show because they wanted to see what the little people were doing,” Amy says. “But after a while, people saw that there were so many similarities with what their own families were going through.

“We just had our 25th anniversary, so what a better to celebrate that than weddings on the farm!”

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