tnt new shows 2014 15 TNT brings the 'Boom' with teasers for 'The Librarians,' 'Transporter' and moreTNT launched a rebranding effort at its upfront on Wednesday (May 14). “We know drama” is out, and “TNT Drama. Boom.” is in, because someone at the cable channel appeared to notices its initials are the same as those of an explosive.

With the rebranding comes teasers for four new shows coming to TNT in the next year. Only two of them, though, managed to work “Boom” into their trailers. Take a look:

‘Transporter: The Series’

Fall 2014
Chris Vance (“Rizzoli & Isles”) steps into Jason Statham’s shoes as Frank Martin, the very best driver your illicit money can buy. TNT has picked up two seasons of the show, which debuted abroad in 2012.

‘The Librarians’

Winter 2014
Three new recruits (Lindy Booth, “Leverage’s” Christian Kane and John Kim) join the group of librarians tasked with finding and protecting the world’s legendary and mythical treasures. Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette also star, and Noah Wyle will recur, reprising his role from TNT’s “Librarian” movies (footage from the films is heavily featured in the trailer). Wyle is also an executive producer.


Jennifer Beals stars as a surgeon who takes on an unusual new assignment: At the behest of a terminally ill billionaire (Matthew Modine), she goes on a quest to find scientific proof of an afterlife. Kyra Sedgwick (“The Closer”) is among the show’s exec producers.

‘Public Morals’

Edward Burns stars in and created this show about the cops in the NYPD’s Public Morals division circa 1967. The cops live in a gray area where they try to keep a lid on prostitution, illegal gambling and other crimes while also occasionally lining their own pockets.

Posted by:Rick Porter