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Fans of the “Today” show usually don’t get more rowdy than waving “We [heart] Matt” signs — but things got a little hectic Tuesday morning (Feb. 22) on the show’s outdoor set.

Meredith Vieira, Al Roker and Willie Geist (who was subbing for Matt Lauer) were doing a stand-up at the show’s outdoor location in Rockefeller Plaza when a man reportedly jumped over the barricade and lunged toward the three anchors. The show quickly cut to the studio, so there’s no footage of the man, but you can hear Vieira yell “Jesus!” at the start of the video above, which features the three of them discussing the incident.

NBC security personnel and NYPD officers stationed at the plaza detained the man, who reportedly shouted that he’s “God’s gift to music” as he scaled the barricade.

No one was hurt in the incident. Police haven’t identified the man yet; the New York Post reports that he’s a 33-year-old from Brooklyn but has no other details.

Posted by:Rick Porter