dylan dreyer today nbc 325 'Today': Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer cooks up a storm

Weather is still her mainstay, but by joining “Today,” Dylan Dreyer has learned a lot more about being in the kitchen.
The meteorologist for the weekend editions of NBC’s morning program often finds herself in food-related segments, whether she’s in the show’s New York studio, sampling sushi at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport or visiting the Pennsylvania factory where Easter Peeps are made. Rain or snow might be easier to forecast than what or where she’ll be eating next, but she’s enjoying that aspect of the job.
“It was pitched to me as, ‘You’ll be doing the weather,’ but it turned out that (weekend ‘Today’ co-anchor) Erica Hill really enjoys cooking,” the truly sunny Dreyer, who was a forecaster for Boston NBC affiliate WHDH before the network came calling, tells Zap2it. “She had pitched a couple of food segments, then I would chime in and say, ‘Hey, I like to cook, too.’ I cook a lot at home, so the more I can be involved, the better.”
Though she also enjoys preparing soups, Dreyer claims chicken potpie as her specialty.
“It was the first recipe I ever cooked without having a recipe,” she says. “I just mixed a bunch of different ingredients together, and it’s the only thing I cook that’s totally mine. I love experimenting with any recipe book; Ina Garten is my ‘go-to’ right now, and I’ve just been cooking my way through her various books, which has been a lot of fun. For my husband, too.”
Before long, Dreyer may be folding her main “Today” role into culinary coverage if a notion she has takes flight.
“I’ve pitched an idea to do seasonal cooking. I will spend whatever amount a recipe calls for, but if I cook within the season and buy what’s most ripe at that time, I feel like I could really save some money … and also make some fresher-tasting meals.
“Now that I’ve moved to New York City,” Dreyer adds, “I don’t have access to a grill, but I learned from my dad, who was the best griller I know. That would be perfect for the plaza.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin