cassidy wolf sextortion case arrest 'Today': Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf's extortion case arrest leaves her with 'mixed emotions'Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was the victim of a “sextortion” plot earlier this year, when the perpetrator reportedly hacked her computer, gained control of the webcam and used it take naked pictures of her, which he then used to try to extort money from her by threatening to release the naked photos.

Now the perp has been identified and arrested — 19-year-old Jared James Abrahams, a former high school classmate of Wolf’s from Temecula, Calif. He has been charged with extortion after the FBI served a warrant at his house and he confessed.

Wolf tells “Today” Abrahams’ arrest leaves her feeling “mixed emotions.”

“It’s weird for me to be able to put a face to the person who did this to me and to know that it was somebody I went to high school with,” says Wolf. “I’m very relieved. I’m glad they were able to find who the person is, but on the other hand, it was somebody that I went to high school with. He was young, my age, and I just think it’s sad that he chose to do this and has now kind of put himself in this big dilemma. It’s mixed emotions.”

Wolf adds that she feels sorry for Abrahams — “I don’t think he realizes the consequences and the people that he hurt.”

FBI agent Bill Lewis tells “Today” that Abrahams pulled this scam on several young women.

“There wasn’t just one victim. There were multiple victims in the state of California, throughout the United States, and even internationally. Some were as young as 16 years old,” says Lewis.

Abrahams is currently on house arrest and prohibited from using the internet.

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