dylan dreyer mar 2013 'Today's' Dylan Dreyer thinks Weather Channel's storm naming is 'useful'Zap2it: You’ve done fill-in weather work for Al Roker on the weekday “Today,” but your main base is still the weekend edition. How’s that been going since your move from the Boston NBC affiliate last fall?

Dylan Dreyer: I’m still adjusting. In Boston, it was news and weather, and I’d come on and talk about weather. The format of the “Today” show is a lot more fun and open, with a lot more chitchat, but I always know I’m in my comfort zone when a storm comes up and I have that extra weather “hit.” It’s obviously what’s easiest for me to talk about.

Zap2it: What’s your take on The Weather Channel, which also is owned by NBC Universal, naming storms on its own?

Dylan Dreyer: From their perspective, it is a lot easier to refer to a storm when it’s named. I’ve worked with people who say, “Oh, remember that storm from Dec. 26, 2009?” And I’m like, “No, I don’t, really.” If I had a name, I could remember it … but I also forget names the second after I hear them. Maybe it’s just a memory issue that I have. I do think [the storm naming is] useful, but it’s a Weather Channel-specific thing.

Zap2it: How did you acquire such a colorful collection of coats, as you’ve shown over the past several months in your outdoor shots on “Today”?

Dylan Dreyer
: You can thank my mother for that! She was like, “You know, you’re outdoors on the plaza. You really need to have more coats.” I’ll have to tell my mom that’s gotten noticed. That’s good.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin