tom cruise advice fans gi Tom Cruise talks advice to his teenage self and dealing with fans

Tom Cruise is about to head back into theaters with his new sci-fi epic “Oblivion.” While walking the red carpet for the movie, Access Hollywood caught up with the “Top Gun” star.
At 50 years old, Cruise was asked what advice he’d give to his teenage self. Tom has a pretty simple answer, “I’d just say, ‘Just stay the course.’ I’ve always wanted to do this, my whole life. And I’ve never taken it for granted and I can honestly say that and it’s such a joy for me to be able to entertain people and make movies. And I think I would just say the same thing, ‘Stay the course, man.'”
As for one aspect of the movie star experience that may seem a little overwhelming, the adulation of millions of fans, Tom takes it in stride. He arrived to the “Oblivion” premiere hours early to meet with fans and sign autographs. “They’re me,” he says, “In terms of, I love movies.” He continues, “It’s really nice. They’ll quote my lines. They’ll quote different lines and just say hello and some of these people I’ve seen for years.”
Following Wednesday’s (April 11) premiere, “Oblivion” will be in theaters April 19.
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