Here, in a two-and-a-half minute nutshell, is why people like Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks so much.

The two stars were guests on “The Jonathan Ross Show” in the U.K. on Saturday (Oct. 12), and they engaged in more than just the typical “tell us about your new movie” banter. (Bullock is currently starring in “Gravity” and Hanks in “Captain Phillips.”) During Hanks’ time on the show, Ross rolled out a piano keyboard on the floor of the stage and asked if Hanks would re-create the famous FAO Schwarz scene from “Big” with him.

Hanks obliged, playing “Chopsticks” with Ross and then jokingly demonstrating his floor-piano virtuosity. Bullock then joined Hanks, and he asked if she could play “Chopsticks” in the rather tall high heels she was wearing.

“Oh, I can do ‘Chopsticks’ in my heels,” she replied — and they did, and it was funny and charming and kind of awesome.

During the same show, incidentally, Bullock also reeled off some lines from “Rapper’s Delight,” further cementing her place in the world’s hearts.  

Posted by:Rick Porter