Tom Hanks directed, co-wrote, produced and stars in “Larry Crowne,” so his stake in the movie may be a little larger than usual. And he’s certainly going to whatever lengths necessary to promote it.

And because of that, we have the gift of several segments from Univision’s morning show “Despierta America” on Tuesday (June 21), which as far as we can tell Hanks pretty much took over. There’s the standard interview-and-clip segment, sure. But he also bantered with the hosts. And did a cooking segment. And, in something that just makes us grateful to have Tom Hanks in the world, danced in front of the weather map with co-host Chiquinquira Delgado.

That gem of a clip is up above (the official, Univision-sanctioned one, anyway. The network had an earlier, longer version of the segment posted by a YouTube user removed for copyright reasons). The cooking segment is below, in which Hanks shows impressive tolerance for the heat of a serrano chile, or at least more than co-host Poncho de Anda.

Oh, and “Larry Crowne” opens in theaters July 1.

Posted by:Rick Porter