hanks ellen Tom Hanks on 'Ellen': 'I voted for ['Idol's] Haley Reinhart'Tom Hanks is bummed that Haley Reinhart was voted off “American Idol” last week ahead of this week’s finale. He’s also sort of bummed that he’s caught up in watching the show in the first place and blames wife Rita Wilson for getting him hooked.

On Tuesday (May 24) Hanks visits “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and, among other things, talks “Idol” with the former show judge. Hanks admits he voted for Reinhart twice, but adds that he hasn’t succumbed to phoning in “Dancing with the Stars” votes yet. And, since the show’s finale is also this week, he won’t get his chance this season.

Ellen: We were both very sad to see Haley go.

Tom: I had dodged the virus for many, many years. I watched some of it when you were on just to see you.  Because quite frankly four judges weren’t enough. If they could have eight judges so you can all say boy, you did it girl. You really rocked it.  This year I got hooked on watching with Rita.  I must say, I never voted until last week for the first time.  I voted for Haley. I voted twice….

Ellen:  It was tough competition this year. Like you said, not take away anything from Scotty or Lauren because they’re great. I knew she needed the help.

Tom: Not to take anything away from them but I do hate them. I’m joking.   I don’t hate them.  I just lost, that’s all.  But I voted twice and I thought well, that’ll put her over the top…

Ellen: I wonder if people know Tom Hanks is voting.  I love that you were voting on “American Idol.”

Tom: I put if off as long as I could.  I haven’t voted with “DWTS” yet.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson