tom morello getty Tom Morello honored for Occupy Wall Street performanceMTV announced Monday (Oct. 31) that its second annual O Music Awards, which honor artists impacting the digital music culture, will give an award to Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello with a special award created specifically in response to the “music spontaneity, artistry, and virility of the Occupy Wall Street performances,” reports Reuters.

Morello, who performs on his own under the name “The Nightwatchman,” is being honored for his Oct. 12 performance of “The Fabled City” at New York City’s Zuccotti Park.

Morello tells The Wrap, “It’s an unusual title for an award, but it’s an award that is for the worldwide rebels who are now occupying 1,300 cities around the planet. The one thing that all the Occupy cities have in common is everyone pitches in and cooperates. I’m a musician, so I pitched in and played.”

Morello recently released an album called “World Wide Rebel Songs” that he sees as being apropos of the times. “Music is a crucial component of every successful progressive struggle. In order to be successful you need a good soundtrack,” says Morello.

Below is the video of Morello at his Occupy Wall Street performance.

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