Leave it to Tommy Chong to celebrate Colorado’s new marijuana law by making some CNN panelists very uncomfortable. The 75-year-old comedian and pot advocate called into a CNN segment to discuss the new law, but opened the interview with a joke about their subject matter.

“Who wants to buy pot there?” he asks John Berman and the two other panelists. Though they repeatedly tried to laugh Chong off, he kept the joke going a bit past when it was probably appropriate. But that’s how Chong has always rolled.

“It’s incredible, because everybody’s waking up to the truth. The truth is that marijuana is healthier than anything recreationally used — alcohol or tobacco or anything — that gets you high. Marijuana is really a medicine,” Chong tells the panelists. “We’re finally getting around to realizing that it’s much better for you than anything else out there that the government wants to try to make illegal.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz