When “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon has some grand dames of entertainment on his show, he likes to have them participate in a sketch where they act out an “old” soap opera they used to “star on together.” Monday (Dec. 15), Fallon got Oprah Winfrey in on the fun in her first visit to his “Tonight Show.”

In the above video, Oprah and Fallon play Broderick and Valentina Kensington on “Midnight Meadows,” which is an incredible name for a soap — it beats the heck out of “Tensions” with Carol Burnett (no offense to Carol Burnett). The bonus of “Midnight Meadows” is that they use various methods, like auto-tune, to change Oprah and Fallon’s voices.

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Below, Oprah talks about “Selma,” where she plays a real person, Annie Lee Cooper, and how it’s yet another role where she has to slap somebody — “I’m getting typecast as the slapping actress,” says Oprah, laughing. But it’s based on a real situation where a local sheriff got physical with Cooper when she was attempting to register to vote and Cooper slapped him.

Oprah also says she misses doing her talk show and being in front of the live audience because every day after the show, she would sit and talk with her audience for 30-45 minutes. She also declares that nobody wants an autograph any more — “Selfies are the new autograph.” She’s not wrong.

“Selma” opens in limited release on Thursday, Dec. 25 and nationwide on Jan. 9, 2015.

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