We were ecstatic to see that comfort food caterer and former model, Season 5’s Carla Hall, was returning for Bravo’s “Top Chef: All-Stars.” So, when Zap2it attended the kick-off party in New York City, we tracked Carla down (and then we got a surprise visit from Season 7 finalist Angelo Sosa).
What would Carla like to do differently this time around? 
I think the thing is to trust myself and to honor my food. I think we’re doing the thing that we do all the time and especially, I guess in catering. You’re maybe not validated like you are in a restaurant. So, you’re still looking over your shoulder. okay, is their stuff better than mine? Should I be doing that? When in fact, I should be doing me. So, that’s what I came back with this time. I was going to do me.
Also, the chef’testants, just like in other seasons, will be living together, so we had to ask Carla for some dish on how her fellow chefs fared as roommates.
Who’s the den mother?
I would be the den mother.
Who would be the troublemaker?
[Season 6’s] Mike Isabella would be the troublemaker. As you can see, I have no hesitation in answering these questions.
Who snores?
Oh, [Season 4’s Dale Levitsky] snores. So much so that he’s not in a room. He’s on a couch in the living room.
Are you excited to see Carla back? How do you think she’ll do?
“Top Chef: All Stars” premieres Wednesday, December 1 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog