top chef masters season 5 sous chef battle 'Top Chef Masters' premiere: Battle of the Sous, plus skydiving chefsThe premiere of the fifth season of “Top Chef Masters” launched two big twists at the chefs right out of the gate — one that will be sticking around and one that was (thankfully) just for the first elimination challenge.

The twist for the season is that the sous chefs each chef hand-picked to come work with them will battle it out every week in different competitions and how they do will affect their respective chef, positively or negatively depending.

The first sous challenge leaves the chefs having to perform the elimination challenge using all the ingredients the sous used in their challenge — all while maybe skydiving to the challenge.

You see, the chefs can either drive to the challenge and have one hour cook time or skydive there and have two hours cook time. Which is awesome. All the chefs decide to jump except for Doug, since they need the cooking time.

Doug, however, ends up winning the sous chef immunity, so while he’ll still compete (and only have an hour to cook), he can’t be eliminated.

Some chefs are less than pleased with what their sous chefs handle them — like oysters, no protein, or no knives to cut with. Meanwhile, when Doug arrives, people are kind of jerks to him. So what if he didn’t want to jump out of a plane? His sous chef won fair and square and he still has a time crunch, so stop your whining. No need to call him a d-bag.

Bryan, Odette and Neal are the Top 3 out of the challenge, with Odette winning the challenge and $10,000 for her charity, Doctors Without Borders. The Bottom 3 are Richard, David and Herbert, with Herbert going home — he failed to plate his oysters and only served sauce, so, yeah. No big surprise there. But his charity, the American Heart Association, will get a donation anyway.

What did you think of the Sous Chef Battles? Will you watch them online?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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