curtis stone hosting top chef masters 'Top Chef Masters' recap: If Food Be the Music of Love...Previously: Seven cheftestants presented their wares to Maroon 5 for tour bus challenge. Traci des Jardins came out on top, and Alex Stratta struck a bad chord with the band. Six cheftestants and $100,000 for charity remain!

It’s another day, another quickfire for the cheftestants, who immediately notice their stations are outfitted with head phones, nose plugs, and blindfolds. Yep, it’s a blind taste test! Each cheftestant has to identify up to five ingredients with his/her senses, and the cheftestant to identify the least ingredients will be out each round. As always, the winner gets $5,000 for his/her charity, though immunity is no longer on the table.

The first round is taste. The cheftestants have one minute to identify a bevy of ingredients, including water chestnuts, Worcestershireire sauce, cashews, papaya, and mustard greens. Curtis Stone tells the chefs to remove their nose plugs and write down what they think they just tasted. Then he presents them with the actual ingredients. Three out of five cheftestants got water chestnuts, though Floyd Cardoz thought it was jicama. The rest of the ingredients are similarly vexing to the chefs, especially Mary Sue Milliken, who only guessed one of five ingredients correctly. Still, she did better than Floyd, who’s out after the first round.

The next round is smell, and the cheftestants have 60 seconds to identify epoisses cheese, hot sauce, root beer, rice vinegar, and mayonnaise. Mary Sue thinks this round will be her strength. Hugh Acheson jokes that he just wrote down things that he wanted, including coffee. After the round, Traci is eliminated.

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