tom colicchio padma lakshmi top chef dc 320 'Top Chef' recap: ...And It Feels So GoodIt’s the “Top Chef” reunion, hosted by Andy Cohen. All of the cheftestants are back, along with Tom, Gail, Padma, and Eric Ripert. Here are the most interesting parts in bullet form, and we’ll cover all of it in the full recap later this week:

  • ? Angelo wears a really ugly shirt.
  • ? Ed admits that he was disappointed getting Ilan for his sous chef, but also says that Ilan didn’t hurt his cooking at all.
  • ? Kevin plans to open his own restaurant with his winnings.
  • ? Tiffany got married and Ed has a girlfriend, and there is nothing going on between them, now or during filming.
  • ? Andrea has bad blood with Michelle Bernstein and jokes that it was because Michelle stole her pea puree.
  • ? Alex claims that he made the pea puree, and Amanda backs him up. Tiffany isn’t buying it, and Ed is still dubious. Nothing really gets settled.
  • ? Tim thought he was quite the ladies’ man.
  • ? Angelo and Kenny were cocky.
  • ? Kenny has a tattoo on his abdomen that says “Beast of the Kitchen.”
  • ? Everyone agrees now that Angelo wasn’t trying to sabotage anyone.

And the All-Star cast is revealed, with the caveat that no former winners are competing; the season starts December 1st . Here’s the cast, and while there are kind of a lot of a**holes, we can’t wait to see some of these people get another chance:

  • Season One: Stephen and Tiffany
  • Season Two: Elia and Marcel
  • Season Three: Dale, Casey and Tre
  • Season Four: Blais, Dale, Antonia and Spike
  • Season Five: Fabio, Carla and Jamie
  • Season Six: Jen and Mike I.
  • Season Seven: Angelo and Tiffany

Photo credit: Bravo

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