top chef dc padma lakshmi tom colicchio 320 'Top Chef' recap: Pros and ConchQuickfire Challenge: Work in teams to make 100 dishes in an hour, highlighting consistency and precision. Blais and Mike team up for pork Bolognese with fresh macaroni and pecarino cheese. Padma and guest judge Lorena Garcia think the consistency is good, with the portions similar. Tiffany and Antonia make beef tenderloin salad with cilantro, mint basil and chimichurri sauce. Padma thinks they did a great job with consistency as well, and Lorena is impressed, since their dish had four components, which makes precision difficult. Lorena liked the flavors and spices in the men’s dish, and points out that while the women did a cold dish, which might be easier, it had more components, which makes it more difficult in the end. She based her decision on flavor and precision, and the winner is… Antonia and Tiffany! The boys are really sour that they got beat by stinky girls, and I love it.

Elimination Challenge: Create a lunch to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Nassau Yacht Club, and the meal has to incorporate conch. The challenge takes place on a “deserted” island. The cheftestants arrive to find crates filled with every ingredient they need except for conch. They have to snorkel out and gather their own conchs. Blais’s swimming is especially comical. Then they have to cook over a wood or charcoal fire, since they have no electricity. Here’s what they made:

Blais makes sweet potato linguini with conch and spiny lobster. Some of the lobster is undercooked. The judges are also fooled by his sweet potato linguini, and some think it’s actually pasta.

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