top chef dc singapore 01 finale 320 'Top Chef': Singapore slinging hashWe’re done licking our wounds from the loss of Tiffany last episode, and ready to move forward now that “Top Chef” is holding its finale in Singapore.

You can read the full recap with all the details here on Zap2it, but we just wanted to chew the fat in a meandering way on what was an exciting but somewhat unsatisfying episode, mainly because of Ed’s attitude.

At this point, we’re not really thrilled with the Final Four contestants for various personality reasons, but at least they can all cook. Our absolute adoration of Asian cuisine makes us admittedly biased toward Angelo. Yeah, we had to get over his personality quirks from earlier on, but his passion for what he does is apparent.

Having the finale in Singapore is brilliant. “Top Chef” fans are no doubt a worldly bunch, and we’re so psyched to be whisked away to this bustling food-centric place, full of the sights and sounds of street food vendors, markets and hungry people. If only we had smell- and taste-o-vision.

We’re about as horrified as the contestants are when they spot Padma Lakshmi. Oh wait, this isn’t just a culinary vacation? We have to work too?

The Quickfire Challenge, using the local ingredients and a wok, is fair. Sorry, Angelo, we’re sure it was tasty, but Ed got you beat. This would be fine, but we really hate a smug winner, and Ed was chapping our hide.

The Team/Elimination challenge was just odd when it came to Ed claiming he had planned two dishes all along. Okay, maybe he had thought it, but it was pretty clear in their meeting that they all agreed on one apiece, right? Granted, a guy has the right to change his mind, but to make it sound as if he was the only responsible one … eh. We give him props for being a good team player and his excellent dishes. Execution is not our problem with him. It’s his attitude.

It kind of stinks that the competition was so close. In the end, Kelly (aka Countess Luann-lite) had to pack up her knives. Too bad there won’t be a lady in the final.

And OMG — that’s Hung Huynh, Michael Voltaggio and Ilan Hall! Having “Top Chef” champs back to help is so much better than having your eliminated teammates come back.

So we leave you with a few questions/musings:

  • How did you feel about giving the Quickfire winner immunity, effectively guaranteeing a spot in the final?
  • Is using a wok really that rare?
  • We weren’t sure about a team challenge this late in the game, but it kind of worked.
  • Has your opinion of Ed, Angelo or Kevin changed since this last episode?
  • Did you see Angelo crying when Kelly was eliminated?
  • Not the best season, but we’re psyched for the finale considering the help they’re getting.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen