adam ferrara top gear history newscom 325 'Top Gear': Adam Ferrara's new Buick 225 won't fit in his garageZap2it: What’s new in your auto stable?

Adam Ferrara: From the show this year, I bought a ’70 deuce-and-a-quarter (a Buick 225). It is eight inches too big for my garage. I have three garages; it doesn’t fit in any of them. I’m driving a shopping center, that’s how big that is. We were shooting in Detroit; there was a purple ’65 Pontiac Bonneville convertible with a white top. It was absolutely beautiful. You look inside, and the guy had that stupid barefoot(-shaped) gas pedal, and I was like, “Aargh!”

Zap2it: For a car-loving guy, what’s it like to visit Detroit, which has fallen far from its days as Motor City, the epicenter of the American car industry?

Adam Ferrara: We actually shot our police car episode at an old Packard factory. It was like going to the ruins in Greece. It was exciting. The current state of affairs in Detroit, it’s pretty grim. But I think the rest of the country is like, “Oh, my God, can you believe Detroit?” The people of Detroit are like, “We’ve been broke for years. We’ll fix it.”

Zap2it: What will it take to restore the American auto industry?

Adam Ferrara: My impression, they’re hitting on all cylinders. There’s the Chevy Volt; they’re working the kinks out of that. They’re making cars that will satisfy the fuel economy, but still, I can walk into a GM dealer and buy a 556-horsepower supercharged Cadillac with a six-speed.
It’s the last days of Rome. If we’re going out, I’m going out in a supercharged Cadillac!

Posted by:Kate O'Hare