Today’s cuppa: English breakfast tea (in honor of the U.K. version of “Top Gear”)

Top-Gear-Adam-Ferrara-Rutledge-Wood-Tanner-Foust.jpgNext week, I have a syndicated feature story coming out about my day at the set of History’s “Top Gear,” airing on Sundays. Print readers will have to wait until Sunday, but you can click here to see it right now at Zap2it.

It chronicles my adventures taking a test drive with the American version of the U.K.’s “tame racing driver,” The Stig. No, I did not drive, because if I had, it would have been a very, very slow trip around the show’s test track at a former military base in Southern California.

Then I sat down with show hosts Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust to learn why so few cars survive the tender mercies of Ferrara.

(BTW, the identity of the American Stig remains a mystery, but we might know the name of the U.K. Stig. On the other hand, I’ve heard this one before).

After you read the story, here’s a few photos I took that day …

Posted by:Kate O'Hare