torchwood casting 320 'Torchwood': Five casting options from the CW WB ranks“Torchwood” is reportedly adding a couple of new characters to the mix when it makes the move to Starz this summer. “Greek” actress Amber Stevens is up for the female role of a CIA analyst, according to EW, and among those vying for a part as a tough and funny CIA agent are “Dollhouse’s” Enver Gjokaj and Chad Michael Murray.

Yes, as in former “One Tree Hill” star and Tristan on “Gilmore Girls” Chad Michael Murray.

Now, at first blush it seems like Gjokaj would be the better fit for a show like “Torchwood.” He has sci-fi cred from his time on “Dollhouse,” and he also proved himself to be a really strong actor on the show, handling both heavy drama and lighter stuff well. And, nothing against Murray, but we’ve never really seen him as much of a tough guy.

If the “Torchwood” team wants to go with an actor from the CW/WB stable, though, we have a few suggestions of our own.

Justin Hartley: We’re not sure whether the scheduling could work out, since “Torchwood” premieres in the summer and he’ll be filming “Smallville” into at least the early spring. But he plays Oliver Queen with a spark that could fit in pretty well with Capt. Jack and Co.

Brendan Fehr: The former “Roswell” star has played an alien, so why not fight them? He’s been solid as Booth’s (David Boreanaz) brother in a recurring part on “Bones” and seems due for another regular role on TV.

Jason Dohring: Like Murray, Dohring can be a little broody. But recent guest spots on “Party Down” and “Lie to Me” have convinced us that the ex-“Veronica Mars” star has the range needed for “Torchwood.”

Colin Egglesfield: He was one of the better parts of last season’s disastrous “Melrose Place” redo, and is, let’s be honest, easy on the eyes. We’d love to see how Capt. Jack (John Barrowman) would react to him.

Matt Long: “The Deep End” was a dud, but he did well with a recurring role on “Mad Men” this season. Like Fehr, the former “Jack & Bobby” lead is due for a comeback.

Who would you like to see in the new “Torchwood” role? Gjokaj, Murray, one of these guys or someone else altogether?  

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Photo credits: The CW (Hartley), Getty Images (Murray, Dohring)

Posted by:Rick Porter