Tori-Spelling.jpgActress Tori Spelling was rushed to the Tarzana Medical Center Sunday (Oct. 30th) morning by her husband Dean McDermott.

On Sunday, Spelling took to Twitter, complaining of migraines. “Anyone else get horrendous migraines right after giving birth?” she tweeted. “Is it hormones? I’ve had one for a week now. Nothing is
working.” Spelling gave birth to the couple’s third child Hattie Margaret on October 10th.

According to her Twitter feed, Spelling is doing just fine, but isn’t too happy with the paparazzi for following her to the hospital. 

“I never intended2have 2tell peeps I had to Goto ER yesterday4 migraine
but paparazzi followed us&told;story. All time low…,” she said.

“Following a
sick new mom to hospital&photographing;her in that condition. Is
nothing off limits to them compassion wise? But,I’m doing better now.
Thx 4 all your concern.”

Feel better Tori!

Posted by:jbusch