tori-spelling-craft-wars-glue-gun-bedazzled.jpgShe’s an actress, author, designer, wife and a mother of three, ages 5 and under, with one more on the way, but Tori Spelling still finds time to create her own greetings and decorations.

On Tuesday, June 26, she brings her passion for the handmade to TLC with the premiere of the competitive reality series “Craft Wars,” for which she is host, executive producer, commentator and mentor to three competing crafters in each episode.
“I’ve been crafting my entire life,” Spelling tells Zap2it. “It’s a huge passion of mine. It started when I was little. My mom was always into crafting. She had her gift-wrapping room, and that wasn’t just for show. She actively used it.
“I always grew up creating amazing crafts and packages and doing things with her.”

The daughter of famed TV producer Aaron Spelling and a star of the hit series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Spelling could probably pay people to make things for her, but she’d rather do it herself.

“I have people to rub my feet,” she quips, “but not to wrap my packages. That’s hilarious. I’m sure there’s people that do [hire people]. With my fourth child on the way and being workaholics, we do everything ourselves and make everything count.
“To me, if you’re going to wrap a package, do it yourself. Otherwise, why bother? To me, homemade equals love. It’s all about the personal touches. Yes, people in Hollywood could afford to pay someone to do anything, but why, when you can do it with your family?”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare