natalya total divas 325 e 'Total Divas': WWE's Nattie 'Natalya' Neidhart rolls with the punchesThe life of a WWE Diva is not unlike that of a professional football or baseball player — long stretches on the road, changes of time zones, waking up in different cities (and sometimes countries), and keeping yourself in shape and performing well amid all the distractions and demands.

And those distractions and demands can be considerable, as detailed in the new unscripted series “Total Divas,” premiering Sunday, July 28, on E!?Entertainment Television.

The hourlong series from Bunim/Murray Productions (“Project Runway,” “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”) shows life beyond the ring for the seven women who must balance grueling work and travel schedules, public appearances and other commitments.
“[People] don’t realize that this job is as full time as full time can be,” Nattie Neidhart, a Diva who wrestles under the monicker Natalya, tells Zap2it. “It’s planes, trains and automobiles; it’s early morning flights, late night shows, running on three hours of sleep, everything from adrenaline to blood, sweat and tears. It’s like there’s so much that goes into us having a five- or 10-minute match. It’s insane because we don’t just wrestle in the ring.

“We do so much stuff,”?she continues. “We do a lot of work with different charities, and WWE is always giving back to the community, so we do stuff with Be a STAR, which is our anti-bullying campaign, and the Wrestling and Reading Challenge, which encourages literacy and kids to read. And obviously, WWE is an ambassador to Make-A-Wish and the National Guard, and now we just joined forces with Special Olympics. So there’s just so much that we do, and it’s actually really fun because no day is ever the same, and I think you’ll be exhausted just watching us be exhausted.”

Neidhart’s secret for survival?

“It’s about rolling with the punches, not letting every little thing get to you,” she says. “There are situations where there are blowups. But at the same time, I really, truly feel at the end of the day all of us come back together, and there is a lesson to be learned from every blowup; everybody that had cried in the show or had been upset, there’s something that we all learn from, and it brings us together at the end of the day.”

Posted by:George Dickie