t boz tionne watkins tlc 'Totally T Boz': TLC's Tionne Watkins lets the TLC reality show cameras inSince its premiere on Jan. 1, the reality show “Totally T-Boz” has let viewers into the private life of Tionne Watkins, one-third of the 1990s girl group TLC … ironically, on cablenet TLC.

Currently in the process of reinventing herself in the music industry in Los Angeles, Watkins has faced challenges her entire life, from a long battle with sickle cell anemia to the removal of a brain tumor in 2006.
But one of her biggest challenges has been being mom to her daughter, Chase, now 12.
“It’s the hardest job on the planet,” she tells Zap2it. “You’re in charge of raising someone and being over their life. There’s no rule book, so there’s a challenge a day. I go day to day, honestly.

“I think I’ve pretty much put the values in her that I needed there, as far as God. It’s an everyday thing. Sometimes I’m hit with questions from her that I’ve never thought about myself, and you have to come up with something. She’s asking me really advanced questions.”
And of course, Watkins has to find ways to help her daughter cope with the reality of a mom who has serious health issues.

“I’m sure she can tell when I’m sick,” says Watkins, “but as a parent, you always try to keep a smile on your face and keep things going. I’m never, ever going to put on her shoulders all the weight that I bear. She’s a child. She can’t carry that.
“I give her the best life she can possibly have without all of the bad stuff. So, yeah, I’ve been sick, but my attitude has always been, I don’t talk about what happened, I talk about how we’re going to move forward.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare