treme series finale hbo 'Treme' series finale '... To Miss New Orleans': What did you think?

“Treme” said its final goodbye in its series finale “… To Miss New Orleans.” The HBO drama ended with grace as it faded out of its central characters’ lives as easily as it came into them. Opening with Albert’s funeral and closing with Davis driving away, the extended episode took its time saying goodbye to its large cast of characters.

Loaded with musical interludes, viewers got to see Terry end his time with the NOPD and leave town to reunite with his sons in Indianapolis, while Toni shook off her unhappiness and got back to work filing a lawsuit against the NOPD. Annie stood up for herself in the studio in Nashville, though ultimately bent for her manager Marvin for a more commercial sound. 

Davis tried to create a more mature persona after turning 40, but it seems as though he’ll end up sliding back to his old ways. Antoine’s sons with LaDonna moved back in with him as the former couple share the responsibilities of raising them.

There were no conclusive endings in this episode beyond Albert’s death, and “… To Miss New Orleans” gave the sense that the world will keep on spinning for these characters in years to come. “Treme” stayed with them for a while before passing on as the show’s time on HBO came to an end. 

More than telling a story, this show was about opening a window into what creators Eric Overmyer and David Simon love so much about New Orleans. That’s underlined in the title card after the episode’s conclusion, which reads, “With gratitude to the musical and cultural community of New Orleans.”

And so “Treme’s” tale is over. But what did you think of the finale? Vote in our poll below, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz