tron mayer john mayer 'Tron' Mayer: Meet John Mayer's hologramWho needs the real John Mayer when “Tron” Mayer exists? Well, kind of. In a new video from College Humor, John Mayer is introduced to his hologram doppelganger — “Tron” Mayer — who, he’s told, is ready to tour in his place.

Tron is touted as being able to sing like John, woo an audience like John and… breakdance like John? Tron Mayer isn’t quite as slick as the hologram version of Tupac Shakur that surprised audiences at Coachella, but he does have definite advantages.

Not only can Tron Mayer channel Gotye, Mozart and the “Star Wars” cantina band, but with the push of a button he’ll even perform naked. Truly, this is technology be put to practical use.

Watch for yourself:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson