chris-harrison-trophy-wife-ABC-malin-akerman.jpg“Trophy Wife” comes back Tuesday (March 4) with a string of new episodes that promise nary a dull moment. Executive producers Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern tell Zap2it it’s a roller coaster ride, from Bert’s birthday to Kate and Pete’s do-over wedding.

“Bert’s birthday provides Kate an opportunity to do something she’s been wanting to do for a while, which is make some mom friends … specifically the moms from Bert’s soccer team,” says Haskins. “Bert’s read 100 books, so he gets any kind of birthday party he wants. Kate goes over the top, the party goes over the top, it kind of gets out of control, but we set up some secrets that Jackie has been keeping from Kate.”

One of the birthday surprises is a visit from “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison because Bert wants the reality romance host to give his mom a rose. We have to ask — is Bert a “Bachelor” fan?

“Bert could become a ‘Bachelor’ fan,” says Haskins. “Our thinking is maybe Pete is a ‘Bachelor’ fan, it’s one of his guilty pleasures. Lee Eisenberg, one of our EPs is a secret, and not so secret, ‘Bachelor’ fan and his love kind of came out in the episode.”

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Speaking of romance, the two episodes immediately following “Happy Bert Day” are “The Wedding” parts 1 and 2, which the EPs tell Zap2it will fill in some of the adult characters’ histories.

“Kate finds Diane and Jackie’s old wedding videos when they’re cleaning
out the garage and this makes her realize she wants a real wedding,” says Halpern. “She
and Pete eloped, so the general arc of this two-parter is Kate’s desire
to have a big wedding, have their family included and to really
represent that she’s become part of the family.

“‘The Wedding Part I’ is when we’ll get a chance to see and really understand the history of Pete’s past marriages to Diane and then to Jackie,” adds Haskins. “We’ll actually see their old wedding videos, so people who are wondering how did Pete wind up with Diane or Jackie, they’ll get some clarification.”

“We haven’t done a lot with flashbacks, but we started doing a little bit, so it’s fun to see,” says Halpern. “But it’s not fun for Bradley [Whitford], who is wearing a variety of hair pieces.”

The second episode in the two-parter will also introduce viewers to various people’s parents, so Halpern says it’s “a great way to introduce yourself to the family all over again, if you’re new to ‘Trophy Wife.'”

“Trophy Wife” airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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