trophy-wife-series-finale-ABC.jpg“Trophy Wife” aired its last episode Tuesday (May 13), as it has been axed by ABC. Network chief Paul Lee says he’s “sad to see it go,” but apparently he wasn’t sad enough to keep it around in the fact of less-than-stellar ratings.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about what could have been. Executive producers Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins have dished with Zap2it about some storylines they had in mind for Season 2 and beyond.

“I think in the second season we [wanted] to see that if Kate makes a different work choice, how that affects Jackie and Diane, or if Jackie and Diane make significant relationship choices, now that [the women] are a little closer. It would be fun to watch them play off each other,” says Haskins.

Halpern adds, “We set the stage for Pete not necessarily being happy [at his job], potentially in a Season 2 we wanted to switch up the dynamic a bit. … Now we’ve been talking about what’s next, both for her and for Pete, how do we shake up the dynamic we’ve already seen? If we’re looking at Pete quitting his job, where does Kate go?”

In addition to their jobs possibly changing, two other major life events the creators discussed were Kate’s possible pregnancy and how a new man for Diane and/or Jackie would affect the family.

“[A baby] is certainly something we talked about because this is a family
comedy and you almost can’t not discuss it,” says Halpern. “But it’d be in the distant future
more than the near future.”

Haskins continues, “We just wanted to embrace Kate’s uniqueness and her character. … A baby could be a nice complication down the road, but there’s a lot she can do in this family.”

Halpern then teases that maybe it wouldn’t have been Kate who had a baby. “There’s a lot of people of this show who could have babies,” she says. And a baby for Jackie or Diane would most likely bring with it a new man into the family as well, which is another thing they wanted to explore in the future.

“Pete’s never really had to deal with a new person in his kids’ lives, so what’s that like for him?” muses Halpern, adding that the few men we did see in Diane and Jackie’s lives were played by “amazingly talented, super-busy actors,” so unfortunately the show couldn’t get them for more than an episode or two.

Major life events aside, there were also a few smaller funny moments the creators had on their wishlist for Season 2.

“We had this very funny scene that we wrote for when we were casting
Warren and Ryan Lee killed the scene and this is what got him the part,” says Haskins. “It’s when Warren confesses to his dad that he and his buddies, during a
sleepover party, played a sort of daredevil game where they put hot
peppers on their penises and whoever lasted the longest got a pizza, so
there’s this whole scene called the ‘Penis Pepper’ scene that we never
got to work in that I love.

“There’s the idea Warren’s afraid of driving,” she continues. “We had so many Warren ideas.”

Halpern adds that they had also kicked around the idea “that Diane’s family comes to town and
we find out that she came from this really redneck environment and she
totally Gatsby’d herself to become the person that she is, which opens
up a whole other door of Diane.”

“All these characters [had] so much more to explore,” Halpern concludes, to which Haskins adds, “We had so much fun with this cast, both the fictional people, the characters, and the people playing them. We had such a great time making stories for them.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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