malin akerman marcia gay harden trophy wife 'Trophy Wife's' Malin Akerman talks Kate Diane and the Christmas episodeTuesday’s (Dec. 3) “Trophy Wife” saw Kate go on an epic quest to help Diane “get some” in the hopes that it would looses her up and maybe even get her to be nicer to Kate. Star Malin Akerman — seen here goofing around on set with co-star Marcia Gay Harden — tells Zap2it that a definite part of Kate’s issues is wanting Diane to like her.

“Kate’s kind of got issues — abandonment issues, wanting people to like
her,” laughs Malin. “I do think being the newbie in the family, she’s like the new kid
at school. You want to be liked by people, it’s nice to be liked.”

“Diane (Harden) is very intimidating, she’s a smart woman and looks like she
has it together, and Kate doesn’t really have it together, so in some
ways she looks up to her,” Akerman continues. “Getting her approval is the golden seal. It’s a
big deal. And I think Kate is truly a good person and wants to people to
be happy and this is her way to get Diane to have fun and be happy.”

The dynamic between the three wives is maybe our favorite part of the show. Akerman teases that if we like that, we’re in for a real treat during the holiday season.

“The Christmas episode that is coming up will blow your mind. It involves all of the adults and it’s brilliant. I think the writers
did just a great job with that episode. That’ll be the next big episode
where you see that dynamic with the wives,” Akerman tells us.

She adds, “It’s really rare on a set that you love every single person, cast and crew. And it’s just, the synergy, it just flows so well. Everyone is fantastic. They’re talented, they’re grounded as people. I couldn’t be more excited and more proud. I feel like the writers are doing a great job of balancing funny with heartfelt and writing three-dimensional characters.”

While Kate on the show has inherited these three step-children, we can’t help but wonder if Kate will one day be interested in a child of her own.

“I for sure think she’d want a child of her own — maybe she doesn’t know that she wants it and then possibly she becomes pregnant and realizes that that’s truly what she wants,” offers Akerman. “We have so many ways to play it. … [but] maybe not this season, you gotta save some good bits.”

“Trophy Wife” airs Tuesday night sat 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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