natalie morales trophy wife 'Trophy Wife's' Natalie Morales on nudity, Chris Pratt in leather and moreIn honor of getting “mostly naked” on ABC Tuesday, Oct. 15 for new comedy “Trophy Wife,” actress Natalie Morales — not to be confused with the “Today” anchor of the same name — did a Reddit Ask Me Anything Monday night.

Here are some highlights:

Morales says of “Trophy Wife”: “I think you should really give this show a chance. It just keeps
getting better and better. The episode tomorrow — I almost choked
laughing at some of the lines when I read the script.”  And don’t forget — she gets naked.

Q: I remember you saying on twitter that you’d love to guest star on ‘The Americans’ when they get into the Cuban side of things. As much as I want this new show to work out (I do) how much does it complicate things if you were asked to guest on the Americans? I think you’d be great in it. In a perfect world, hopefully both things happen.

Morales: “Thanks! It shouldn’t complicate things much. When you are contracted as a ‘regular’ on a show, there are clauses where you are allowed to do a certain number of guest star appearances. So, yeah. ‘Americans’. Call me.”

Q: “What was your favorite behind the scenes moment on ‘Parks and Recreation’?”

Morales: “I took this great picture that I should frame some day of Chris Pratt in an all leather motorcycle get up posing super fierce with a goat.”

Q: “Think you could take the Today Show Natalie Morales in a cage fight? If so, what would your strategy be?”

Morales: “Dude! have you seen that woman? She like, swims and stuff. And she runs marathons. She would whoop me.”

Q: “Any chance we’ll see you on ‘Parks and Rec’ and/or ‘The Newsroom’ again?”

Morales: “I would very much like that. Who knows?”

Q: “Pick one TV show from the 70s that you wish you could star in.”

Morales: “‘Taxi’, HANDS DOWN.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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