true blood hbo bill stephen moyer 'True Blood': Bill, how much do you love that human of yours?Whoever said, “You can sleep when you’re dead,” didn’t consider the sex lives of vampires. In Sunday’s (June 27) episode of HBO’s “True Blood” it was wall-to-wall undead lust.

You know something’s awry when Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) is off taking care of Sookie (Anna Paquin) while Pam (Kristin Bauer) is taking care of the new dancer at Fangtasia!

Then, we had Franklin (James Frain) giving Tara (Rutina Wesley) some, um, something to take her mind off Eggs. That’s one freaky way to rebound, Tara!

But, of course, the most shocking scene of the episode was the “twisted” final one between Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). We’ve seen some crazy sex scenes, but something tells us this one was the first ever like it on television. You feel us?

You wanted to turn away, but you just couldn’t! Creator Alan Ball and his team outdid themselves on that one, though we’re not sure we’d ever want to be alone in a room with the person who came up with the concept.

After getting over the visuals of that scene, we also wonder what the ramifications of Bill’s actions are. Gone was the gentleman we knew and enter the beast he fights so hard not to be. Will he tell Sookie what happened when they’re reunited? Will Sookie even be able to wrap her head around it? Shoot. We barely understand what was at play in that scene!

If you want to check out craziest sex scene ever aired on TV, here yah go [Warning: NSFW]:

What are your thoughts on that last sex scene between Bill and Lorena? Do you think it crosses the thin line between love and hate? And what do you think will be the ramifications?

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