true-blood-season-five-carolyn-hennesy-rosalyn-harris-vampire-authority-cougar-town-general-hospitalThe premiere of “True Blood” Season 5 is almost upon us and Zap2it got a chance to speak to one of the new cast members, Carolyn Hennesy. This veteran of “Cougar Town” and “General Hospital” is thrilled to be a part of the show. She tells us all about her character Rosalyn Harris, marathoning the show and which team she’s on.

“She’s a member of the Vampire Authority,” she says. “She’s been a member for a very long time. She’s very old, as vampires go. And as for where she came from originally is yet to be determined, I would say. For the last, let’s say two or three hundred years, she’s called the Southwest home. Particularly Texas. Roslyn is one of those great dames, great broads who helped to settle the old West, so she’s as comfortable in a salon as she is in an opera house. Pearls with everything, the hair can never be too high and a shot of whiskey will just make her day.”

Hennesy says she marathoned “True Blood” for the role. “I had not watched the show. When I was cast in it, I downloaded all 48 hours and watched them in ten days. I mainlined “True Blood” right before Christmas and it was the best Christmas present I had that year. Better than I had last year,” she laughs. We asked if that messed with her brain at all. “I know the theme song. I know it backwards and forwards. It did mess with my brain in the best possible way. I was hooked. I was hooked on ‘True Blood.'”

“The Authority as a group, we really don’t see much infighting. But as you know, there are two main factions. Within the vampire community there are vampires who are pro-mainstreaming and there are those who are anti-mainstreaming. Those who want to assimilate and those who see humanity as a giant smorgasbord. The battles are brewing within the walls of the Authority, but mainly outside. So what is our political agenda and how do we bring everybody in line. So we interact mainly with Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). That’s just been a lovely treat for me as a character and as an actor to see those two lovely faces on set every day,” she laughs.

Hennesy talks about the team she’s on. “To be honest, I’m Team Every Male on That Show! There is no one on who’s team I’m not. I’m Team Alcide (Joe Manganiello). I’m Team Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis). I’m Team Everybody. And after meeting the two of them, I wouldn’t choose teams if you shot me through with silver. They are just princes among men.”

“True Blood” returns for it’s fifth season on HBO on June 10.

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