true blood dennis ohare hbo 'True Blood': Denis O'Hare says Russell will find love in Season 5“True Blood” Season 5 is almost upon us. It premieres on HBO on June 10 and Zap2it got a chance to chat with some of the cast at the premiere. We spoke to returning fan favorite Denis O’Hare who plays Russell Edgington and found out what’s different about him this time around.

We asked when he knew he was coming back. “I found out at the end of last season,” he says. “And then we started talking about it in fall. I was doing a play in New York, so we had to fit it in. I was actually, on my day off, flying in here and shooting, then flying back to do my show.”

So, what’s changed this time around? O’Hare says we’re going to see a kinder, gentler vampire. “Russell is different this season. I wouldn’t say he’s mellower, but he’s surprising. And there are aspects of his personality that are out this season that weren’t out before.

He’s still angry and he’s still crazy, but he’s looking towards the long haul, and he’s looking to be happy. And what’s going to make him happy?”

Well, it might be a new man. Russell has a new sweetie this season. O’Hare says, “The new sweetie is somewhere here tonight. I just saw him. That’s all I can say.” Care to speculate on which cast member it will be?

O’Hare says he’s heavily involved with the Vampire Authority this season. “There is going to be a moment when they have to make peace with each other and it happens in a really surprising way that they confront each other,” he says.

At this point, Michael McMillian who plays Steve Newlin (now newly turned vampire) appeared to express his love for O’Hare. The two bantered, but confirmed that Newlin isn’t the new love interest.

Are you guys ready for Season 5? Give us your picks for Russell’s new sweetie below.

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