true blood season 7 arlene carrie preston 'True Blood' final season: Carrie Preston doesn't want Arlene to find love again

With “True Blood” heading into its seventh and final season, the time is nigh for the residents of Bon Temps’ stories to come to an end. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting a completely happy ending on HBO’s supernatural drama, but hopefully most of the characters audiences have grown to love will end in a good place.

That’s what Carrie Preston wants for Arlene, at least. After losing her husband Terry Bellefleur in Season 6 and then taking over Merlotte’s in the season finale, Preston tells The Hollywood Reporter she’d like to see Arlene maintain her independence.

“I think it was great how they let her take the bar over. I don’t think that surprised anybody but at the same time, it was great to see Arlene get a little bit of power in this world and I’m hoping she’ll find solace in that,” Preston says. “I hope they don’t pair her up with somebody. I’d like to see her be a strong woman and be okay in the world as a mom and an owner of a business and not be someone who doesn’t feel complete if she doesn’t have a man. This would be a nice evolution for her.”

Preston doesn’t reveal any plot points for Season 7, but she does say that she’d like to see the final season continue on the journey back to “True Blood’s” roots that began in Season 6.

“I think that the writers have positioned it to really come back around to its origins, which is a show about relationships, whether the characters are human or supernatural. We certainly got that in Season 6 and I hope the writers will continue on that trajectory,” she says. “I’m really just as excited as the fans to see where they take us. We’re in good hands and I feel like it’s the right thing to do to end the show when the stories are really strong still and really put all of our energies into making it the best season that we’ve ever had and go out on a high instead of trailing along like a lot of shows do just to keep it going.”

“True Blood’s” final season will air on HBO in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz