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Sunday’s (August 8) episode of “True Blood” took us another step forward in Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) evolution into whatever she is. And from what we can tell, whatever that is, it’s going to rock.
We appreciate when a TV show doesn’t rush a character arc. “True Blood’s” writers have definitely been evolving Sookie slowly, so that whatever seemingly powerful being she is revealed to be is believable to us the viewers. 
We’ve already seen she has a tremendous ability to love. The male characters are naturally drawn to her. We’ve witnessed her bravery. We’ve witnessed short, but well-placed, bursts of her “microwave fingers.” And in this episode she showed off her sheer physicality (without using any of those cool powerful bursts of energy we like so much) in a fight against Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) were-ex, Debbie (Brit Morgan). 
And if we may be so bold, she knows how to handle her vampire sex. The imagery of Sookie on top of Bill (Stephen Moyer) with her hand on his throat is not lost on us. Once again, not only hot, but very skillful foreshadowing. It all amounts to meaning Sookie is going to be a powerful being, indeed. 
There are at least a few people who seem to know what she is. And from next week’s previews, Bill will admit that he does, too. Yet, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) warns her (via a message from Sookie’s cousin) that she shouldn’t trust Bill. Then, there’s Claudine (Lara Pulver), the whimsical being from Sookie’s near-death dream in the last episode, who also warned her not to let Bill “steal her light.”
We can’t ignore that Sookie and Bill’s relationship has the overtones of an abusive relationship and even she has figured out that her relationship with him is wrought with drama and places her in harm’s way. Yet by the end of the episode, they’re apparently back together?
Do you think there’s something to the warnings? Despite her growing powers, could Bill be Sookie’s biggest threat?

Note: This is not meant to be a full recap. For the full show recap, check out: ‘True Blood’: Sex and violence

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