true blood comic con live blog 'True Blood': 10 fangtastic moments from the Comic Con panelHBO’s “True Blood” panel at San Diego Comic-Con was just like the episodes – fast, sexy and fun.

The big treat was that Charlaine Harris, the author of the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels was there, which made for some interesting tension between the book purists and the show’s fans.

All the regulars were there, except Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgard, who are currently shooting films. Rumors began forming the week before the event that Skarsgard was trying to get back for the event. The team must have known it, because what they did forms the first thing on our list of the ten most fangtastic moments from the comic-con panel.

Warning: Semi-spoilerish!

1.)    The cast made us think that Skarsgard did make it. So after they were all introduced, they announced a surprise guest. Then Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer brought out a cardboard cutout of Skarsgard! Hah!

2.)    EW’s Tim Stack referred to Sookie’s powers as her “microwave fingers.” Paquin teased that we’ll find out what they’re about at some point.

3.)    Harris was proud to announce that Anne Rice, the author of the “Interview with a Vampire” series, is a fan of the show.

4.)    An audience member asked what it was like to work with animals and Kristin Bauer said, “Skarsgard is not so bad.”

5.)    When Stack asked Kristin Bauer if Eric had to choose, who would he pick, Pam or Sookie, Bauer had to think for a long moment. The audience, though, screamed, “PAM!”

6.)    Moyer revealed that in the head-turning sex scene between Bill and Lorena, he had to mount a cast of her torso with a head attached that ratcheted. Footage of Mariana Klaveno, the actress that plays Lorena, on her back and stomach were then matched with the footage!

7.)    The character Harris most wants to see on the show? Sookie’s great-grandfather. We’d have to agree. He would definitely unlock the secret of her “microwave fingers.”

8.)    A fan asked the cast who their favorite vampire outside of “True Blood” is and the panel, as well as the entire ballroom went silent! Alan Ball said his favorite is Kiefer Sutherland from “The Lost Boys,” which the audience cheered for. Does it surprise you that no one named “Twilight’s” Edward?

9.)    There was a little tension between Harris and Ball when a fan asked if he believed that Sookie and Bill were soul mates. He said, “yes.” He then emphasized that the show isn’t really following the books. Then Harris said, “I’ve known how this series will end in my world for eight or nine years.” Boom!

10.)    When asked how long he wanted the series to run, Ball said he’d like it to run as long possible. But, he doesn’t want it to last so long that he has to explain why the vampires are aging!

We got a sneak preview of what’s to happen in the second half of Season 3. Let’s just say that things don’t look good for Sookie.

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