Sookie and Warlow finally consummated their attraction for one another in “True Blood”‘s most recent episode, “Don’t You Feel Me.” The episode ended with the former enemies having sex in the fairy realm, and though Sookie’s feelings towards Warlow are a bit unclear, he’s been honest about his from the second his true identity was revealed.

Prior to the episode airing, Zap2it had a chance to speak with Rob Kazinsky about his character’s somewhat unexpected arc in Season 6. According to him, Warlow’s love for Sookie is entirely authentic, and he doesn’t have any ulterior motives.

“He’s been waiting six thousand years for her,” he says. For that reason, it didn’t matter whether she was as attractive as she ended up being or not. “He didn’t know she was going to be a babe. He knew that she was going to be a fairy and a princess and that’s all that really mattered to him, because he killed his entire tribe and she is the last of his line.”

There was a bit of a mystery in Season 5 leading into Season 6 about who Warlow really was, but Kazinsky says he got the sense that most people foresaw the reveal that Ben Flynn is the millennia-old fairy vampire.

“I think people kind of saw it coming,” he admits. “At the beginning of episode 2 when Warlow comes through the portal, Rutger was already in the show, so I think at that point everyone went, ‘Well it’s clearly the ginger guy who’s being really nice.'”

Don’t expect to see that initial imagery of Warlow before he shaved and showered return any time soon. He’s ditched that old hat and overcoat, and now Kazinsky’s in full dreamboat mode. Kazinsky says he doesn’t miss having to get made up to look like the grizzled Warlow.

“I was in the full makeup, the claws, the goo. It was horrible — really, really horrible — to be in,” he says. “I kind wish we’d had more of that because it was such a cool image. The imagery of Warlow with the hat and the giant coat, that was kind of intimidating.”

However, he will happily don the wig he wore during Warlow and Lilith’s flashback scene. “I actually love that wig,” he says. “For a guy who’s losing his hair as much as me, and I’ve never had long hair like that … and I have alopecia. Like, I lose my hair regularly and often. It just falls out. So to be actually given a wig, I felt very ‘Prince of Persia.’ I loved every second of it.”

“True Blood” airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz