“True Blood” returns to HBO on June 10 and a beloved baddie is back. Russell Edgington (Dennis O’Hare) is back from underground tomb. O’Hare says that this version Russell will actually be funny. Until he’s not.

“In a strange way, Russell is actually a lot funnier this season,” Denis tells The Insider. “He’s not
toothless, but he’s a little more of a comic foil … until he isn’t.
And then he becomes very, very vicious again. Which I love.”

If you recall, Russell punched his fist through the gut of a news reporter after the death of his lover, who’s bloody remains he kept in a jar. Someone helped him out of the cement he was buried in and his feelings of gratitude are what help change his personality, according to O’Hare.

Another thing that makes Russell all sweet and funny? He’ll be getting a new beau. “I get to dance, I get to hold a puppy and I get to sing karaoke — a
great 70s classic,” he says, though, “not all at the
same time, mind you.”

Are you guys excited about Season 5 and Russell’s return? Let us know your thoughts below.

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