true blood season 6 steve newlin 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 3 recap: 'You're No Good,' but Anna Camp's return definitely is

Let’s face it, the best part of “True Blood’s” third episode “You’re No Good” was the triumphant return of Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin. She last appeared on the series back in Season 2, but she and Michael McMillian‘s Steve Newlin barely missed a beat with their spot-on chemistry when they were finally reunited four seasons later. Of course she’s working for the enemy, of course she’s super mad at her formerly fanatically anti-vampire, currently gay vampire ex-husband and of course she had the best lines of the episode. Even though they only had minutes of screen time together, Camp and McMillian crackled in this episode and our hope is that we see a lot of them together in the coming episodes of Season 6.

But the focus of “You’re No Good” wasn’t on this former couple, but rather on the new pairs who are shaping up to be love interests. Sookie and Ben, Eric and Willa and Sam and Nicole (our money’s on it) all are having events bring them together, and there’s some definite sexual tension playing up between all of them. Remember the good old days when “True Blood’s” main love story was the triangle of twisted affections between Bill, Sookie and Eric? Well those days are long gone, as Bill flat out told Sookie she’s dead to him in “You’re No Good.”

true blood season 6 eric 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 3 recap: 'You're No Good,' but Anna Camp's return definitely is

Maybe it’s because characters come and go so quickly on “True Blood,” but we’re having a difficult time trusting any of these newbies. Willa can’t be as sweet and against what her father the Governor is doing to vampires as she is — can she? Nicole must have an ulterior motive for filming the werewolves and shifters and trying to convince them to come out — or doesn’t she? And there’s no way Sookie can meet a dream man like Ben and have it work out without some major hiccups. That one we know for sure.

But it’s that tension that’s already got us hooked on Season 6. It’s hard to know who to trust, and hopefully that sense of unease is something that keeps being played up for the rest of the season. If there aren’t some major betrayals happening this season — anyone could be Warlow, from where we’re standing — then we’re going to be pretty disappointed.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already a third of the way into Season 6 and we’ve only had one brief glimpse of Warlow. In this episode the audience was misled to think we were witnessing Warlow as a threat, but it actually was just Nora trying to find the evil vampire. Just where is he? Considering he was first introduced last season, the “True Blood” team hopefully won’t drag this out until the end of Season 6.

But let’s talk about Pam and Eric. Pam and Lafayette have long been two of the best characters on “True Blood,” but there was a shift in Pam at some point last season after she and Eric were separated. It seems the writers can’t seem to get her beyond her devotion to Eric, and that storyline is getting a bit repetitive and one-note — plus, she’s bringing Tara down with her. Give Pam something to do and let her resolve her problems with her maker so we can get back to enjoying Pam the way we used to. At least she got that great “sand in your cooch” line in episode 1.

true blood season 6 andy holly 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 3 recap: 'You're No Good,' but Anna Camp's return definitely is

Alcide hasn’t been showing his best side this season either, and the werewolves are turning into villains more than anything else. Kidnapping? Murder (if those blood splatters from the Vampire Unity Society members are in fact them being killed)? Someone better come and shape this group up, because they’re forgetting how to be team players. We had hoped Alcide wouldn’t be changed too terribly by becoming pack master, but it seems like that was too much to ask for.

And then there’s Bill. Good old potentially-immortal, devoutly religious Bill. Remember when he used to love Sookie? Well now he’s told her she’s dead to him because she won’t allow him to synthesize fairy blood — arguably the worst idea in the history of “True Blood,” based on how crazed vampires get around the substance. His backup plan is even worse than using Sookie’s blood; he’s clearly eying Andy’s four fast-growing half-fairy daughters. Hey, at least that gives them a better purpose on the show than just being comedic relief.

The way Season 6’s storylines are currently set up, things are going to get much worse for Bill — and “True Blood” — before they get any better. But with the introduction of Governor Truman Burrell’s camp where he does experiments on vampires, our base hope is that things actually do get better. “True Blood” is fully tackling the subject of genocide in Season 6 and, though it’s hard to watch, it’s also an exciting risky topic. A lot of storylines have been set up so far, and we’ll reserve judgment until we see how they pay off.

“True Blood” Season 6 airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz