true blood warlow ben season 6 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 4 recap: 'At Last' Warlow is revealed

Thank goodness it only took four episodes to reveal Warlow’s identity: it’s Ben! Was anyone that surprised? Probably not. In fact, we discussed last week how there’s no way a seemingly perfect guy can waltz into Sookie’s life and actually be perfect. Instead he’s the vampire who killed her parents and she is sworn to, which is sort of romantic in a way, right?

Fortunately she doesn’t think so either, and planned a perfectly tasty silver-filled feast to try to kill him once she connected the dots that Ben is actually the vampire who’s tormenting her. While she used a little Nancy Drew detective skills to figure it out, Jason realized in a slightly less glamorous way. After his injury in “You’re No Good,” Ben-low used his vampire blood to heal the non-fae Stackhouse, causing Jason to have sexy straight razor shaving dreams about Ben. That leads Jason to have the most awkward talk about sexuality in all of “True Blood” with Grandpa Niall, though the fairy elder manages to realize who Ben actually is a bit faster than Jason does.

That doesn’t end very well for Jason or Niall. Warlow soundly defeats both of them, draining Niall (but not drinking his blood) and glamouring Jason. Then Warlow proceeds to send Niall into another dimension, though hopefully that’s not the last we’ve seen of the fairy king. He’s got even more reasons for vengeance now, after all.

rutger hauer true blood season 6 niall 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 4 recap: 'At Last' Warlow is revealed

Sookie’s dinner plans don’t go exactly as she expected, as the silver doesn’t seem to affect Warlow as it would a normal vampire. Fortunately New Sookie isn’t one to be put off by vampires looking to take advantage of her, and she uses a make out session on the couch (the same one we’ve seen teased in promos) to prepare her ball of fairy light and threaten, “Get the f*** off me or die Warlow.”

“True Blood” wouldn’t be “True Blood” if she had actually just offed Ben-low right there — which arguably would have been the smartest thing to do — so that’s one plotline we’ll have to pick up next episode. The big Warlow reveal wasn’t the only major development to happen in “At Last,” though. Eric also made a big life decision with Willa: he turned her into a vampire.

The daughter of Governor Burrell has been hot for Eric since the get-go, so she ended up practically begging him to turn her. She still at least had the decency to get all offended when she realized he only turned her to get revenge on her father, but he claims that it was also to convince Truman that vampires are human too. That doesn’t work out quite as Eric planned, as Willa is unable to resist the smell of her father’s blood from his injured hand and attacks him. Sarah Newlin, who unsurprisingly is hooking up with the Governor, is the one to shoot her down.

Sarah insists Truman bring Willa to the Camp, and she’s not the only one heading there. The Governor’s men also capture Nora, and Ginger is taken there as well for the crime of working for Eric. Pam is shot down at the end of the episode, and it’s unclear whether Tara will be able to rescue her or if she’ll end up being shipped off to the experimentation camp as well. Regardless, it’s clear Bill’s vision of everyone ending up at the Camp is coming true, as a handful of semi-major characters are headed there barely halfway through the season.

Bill’s little plan for having fairy blood become Tru Blood 2.0 isn’t going as well as he planned. He and Jessica manage to kidnap Andy’s half-fairy daughters fairly easily (they go from pre-teens to teens to potentially 20-somethings within the course of this episode), but their blood doesn’t cooperate the same way humans’ does. The Tru Blood creator isn’t able to resolve the issue before Jessica’s bloodlust overcomes her and she accidentally drains all the girls. Andy Bellefleur is not going to be very happy when he finds out he wasn’t able to keep his four daughters alive longer than a week or so — if in fact Jessica did kill them.

Then there’s Sam and Nicole, who take Emma and split off from Lafayette to go into hiding from the werewolves. Alcide and his pack are pretty much entirely different characters from the ones we’ve come to know over the years, as Alcide never seemed like the type of person to willingly massacre some kids who were just trying to support the werewolf way of life. But that’s who he is now, and he doesn’t seem like he’s willing to let Nicole — who was a part of the group trying to film them — or Sam — who kidnapped Emma because, you know, Luna told him to — go any time soon. As for Nicole and Sam’s budding romance, they celebrate the deaths of their loved ones by making out on a hotel room bed, as you do.

After seasons of seeing Sookie walk down similar paths with an array of love interests, it’s wonderful to see her finally taking matters into her own hands with this Ben/Warlow situation. Whether or not she manages to stop Warlow or not in this instance, this is at least Sookie following through on her pledge that she will not be taken advantage of. She’s got her backbone back and, even though she might not have the normal life she’s dreamed of, she at least isn’t going to let someone else try to control it. For lack of a better term, you go girl.

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