true blood episode 6 sookie warlow 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 6 recap: Two big deaths, one big hookup

It sure didn’t take long for Sookie to cave to the temptation of Warlow. Our “True Blood” heroine has been celibate for a while now, and it seemed like she was steering clear of sex to avoid being drawn into the danger that the men in her life always present. Of course, that didn’t work especially well, but it still didn’t explain why she threw all caution to the wind and decided to have sex with Warlow while he was bound in a fairy realm to escape the sire call of Billith.

Warlow seemed as confused as we were when Sookie let him feed on her and drank his blood in turn, then proceeded to strip off all of her clothes, mount him, and consummate their passion in a ball of fairy light. Was this all really a dream? Are we going to get more of an explanation for Sookie officially counting Warlow as one of her love interests? Or is this plot turn going to make about as much sense as Alcide’s turn to the dark side?


Terry Bellefleur’s death was another similarly quick — although much more tragic — turn of events. He arranged for a friend to kill him last week, and the killing blow was delivered in “Don’t You Feel Me.” Of course, showrunner Brian Buckner had to twist the knife even deeper by having Terry finally find peace with his role in the Iraq War — albeit via a vampire glamouring him to forget it ever happened. Don’t expect some magical turn of events to bring the Merlotte’s chef back to life, either. He is dead and gone, and no amount of wishing is going to bring him back any time soon.

Even with that one sad death, there is another great one. In a scene to rival Russell Edgington’s most famous kill, Bill literally took off Governor Burrell’s head after proving that Warlow’s blood actually does allow him to walk in the sunlight. Unfortunately it’s likely too late to prevent the governor’s plans from being carried out. Eric, Jessica, Pam, Tara, Willa and Nora are all still held captive at the Camp. Further, the humans have developed a vampire-killing virus called Hepatitis V, and they’re using it to infect the new batches of Tru Blood being produced on Burrell’s orders. It is definitely not a good time to be a vampire.

Supes don’t have it much better. Alcide finally tracked down Sam, but not before Sam and Nicole could give Emma back to Martha. After some words of wisdom and some pretty blatant KFC product placement from his father, Alcide ultimately decides to let Sam and Nicole live — though he forbids them to return to Bon Temps, Shreveport or other surrounding areas. Does that mean Sam is off the show? Considering we’ll soon be seeing a funeral for Terry, it doesn’t seem likely that Sam will be gone forever.

Jason makes his smartest move yet and opts to try to save Jessica by infiltrating the LATVF. Unfortunately that puts him face-to-face with Sarah Newlin, who forces the LATVF’s newest recruit to watch his sort-of girlfriend participate in a “copulation study” with a stranger vampire. All that really does is show how one-dimensionally evil the humans have become, though the more interesting element of this storyline is how the rest of the world — or at least Louisiana — is responding to these new, stricter vampire laws.

Back at the Camp, Willa manages to glamour a guard under Tara’s advice and helps Eric and a Hepatitis V-infected Nora escape. Then Eric learns about the infected Tru Blood, which was a pretty obvious ploy ever since Burrell first shared his plan to distribute new bottles of the synthetic drink. Meanwhile Bill has another face-to-face with Lilith, who gives him cryptic advice and tasks him with saving the vampire race. At least things are going pretty well for Andy, whose only surviving daughter, Number 4, finally gets a real name: Adalind Braelin Charlene Danica.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz