true blood in the evening season 6 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 7 recap: 'In the Evening' kills off another

Three true deaths in two weeks; that must be a new record for “True Blood.” After saying permanent goodbyes to Terry Bellefleur and Governor Truman Burrell in “Don’t You Feel Me,” fans — and a very sad Eric Northman — had to bid farewell to Nora in “In the Evening.”

Though Eric did manage to escape from the Camp with Nora, he wasn’t able to rescue her from her Hep V fate. We now know that Billith’s blood isn’t enough to cure the disease, but it’s yet to be seen if Warlow’s can heal sick vampires. With the contaminated Tru Blood not yet being distributed, it seems like it’s just a waiting game to see how that affects the general vampire population.

Nora’s death is equally sad and disgusting by “True Blood” standards, and it should be enough to get Eric onboard as a full-fledged ally of Bill’s cause. Bill’s current plan is to have Eric take Warlow’s blood when he meets the sun in the white circular room, which seems like as good a plan as any at this point in time.

Now that Governor Burrell is dead, Sarah Newlin has taken full control over his plans for vampirekind. That means Jason Stackhouse is out of his job at the Camp, and just after he’d revealed to Jessica that he was there to rescue her. He’s in some dire straits as well, as Sarah had a guard cut his arm and then tossed him into Gen-Pop for the captive female vampires to feed on. Tara is there to protect him, though it remains to be seen how much a force to be reckoned with Violet is.

There’s a mini-alliance taking place in the Gen-Pop holding area of the camp. As directed, Willa tells Pam about the Tru Blood contaminated with Hep V, but Pam says they keep that tidbit of information within their own group. Willa obliges (and it’s worth noting that she has turned out to be a pretty great baby vampire), but Jessica spills the beans pretty quickly to the sexy vampire she was almost forced to have sex with last week before finally hooking up with him on her own terms. She defends the decision by saying she’s attracted to him because he’s “good,” “decent” and has humanity in him — plus she’s never hooked up with a vampire before — but we can’t help but feel that revealing the contaminated Tru Blood to another person is going to end up turning out badly. At least Pam seems to have the psychiatrist wrapped around her finger, as we last see the two of them about to start having sex.

Sookie and Warlow’s tryst ends the morning after with Arlene sobbing in the cemetery over Terry’s death, and then we get to see the fallout of that sad storyline. Though Arlene shares the news with her children, she doesn’t take it well herself, first lashing out at Lafayette and then getting so drunk she can’t tell reality from drunken dreams. She sends Sookie and Lafayette to find out what was in his safety deposit box, and it turns out he left Arlene $2 million in anticipation of his death. Sookie and Lafayette quickly realize that he planned the whole assisted suicide, which they hopefully won’t have to share with Arlene.

Bill makes a surprise appearance at the Bellefleur’s home, sort of making peace with Andy over the deaths of his daughters and then giving his well-wishes to Arlene. But it’s Sookie he came for, and Sookie he convinces to tell him where Warlow is. Warlow likely won’t be too pleased that Sookie was convinced he was a fair trade for the lives of her friends, but his love for Sookie is real, so hopefully he’ll be understanding.

On the road, Nicole and Sam part ways after he finds out about Terry’s death, but not before having steamy shower sex. Nicole’s mother takes her home, but apparently Rikki captures them somewhere along the way, which outs Alcide’s lie to the pack. As his father had just warned him that the Herveaux’s aren’t cut out for pack life, maybe Alcide will finally get the message and leave this lifestyle — and the bad side it brings out of him — behind.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz